The laminate HPL is definitely the material that is gaining the market. All thanks to incredible versatility of the material. Thanks to the wide range of colors, decorations, typologies and finishes, this material offers the designer endless creative solutions as well as exclusive features. Its wear and steam resistance, its hygiene (can be brought into contact with food) are a trademark that makes it often the preference choice of materials to use. Laminate HPL eliminates all types of maintenance and is internationally preferred as a technical solution for the creation of elements in changing rooms and showers, spas, benches, doors, dividing walls, dining tables, bars and restaurants. Its use, both outdoor and indoor, makes it truly versatile and beneficial.Aessegi piani in stratificato HPL

While on one hand it can be defined as one of the materials that are used the most, on the other hand, the particular characteristics of the hardness of the material itself makes skills, knowledge and mastery indispensable at every stage of its processing. Above all, but not only, the laminate HPL pantograph machining requires specific expertise and care.

Thanks to continuous testing with dedicated tools and constant experimentation on various materials, AESSEGI specializes in solving all the problems of machining of the laminate HPL, achieving an optimal finishing quality that is reflected in a total satisfaction from each customer.

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