The constant technology development and innovation are two important assets for AESSEGI. If you add to these an increasingly marked ecological vocation, here the concept of sustainability fits perfectly with our productions.

We have always been attentive to the new possibilities of creating stratified floors using ecological materials and we have always experimented with greener production processes every day. That’s why we are happy to present the partnership with the prestigious international PaperStone® brand. It is a synergy of which we are particularly proud of and which allows us to develop the ecological soul that has distinguished us from the beginning.

PaperStone®, in fact, is made of 100% natural materials: FSC® certified recycled cardboard or paper which are treated with Petro Free ™ patented resins by Paneltech, the manufacturer of PaperStone®.

What makes it an innovative and a definitely “green” material?

The properly processed recycled paper is impregnated with resins obtained from natural materials, such as cashew shell oil, then pressed at high temperature. One of the recycled paper suppliers is Grays Harbor Paper, a small independent paper mill located near Paneltech International, on the edge of the rainforest near the city of Olympia in the US state of Washington.