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Laminate HPL for Medical and Fitness

HPL Solid Core countertops for kitchen and bathroom furniture

Experience and technological innovation have made AESSEGI a reliable partner for the Furniture and Contract industry also for the production of HPL Solid Core countertops for kitchen and bathroom furniture.

The execution speed, the possibility to customize 100% of the design, warehouse always stocked for just-in-time answers, over 20 finishes available, wide choice of colors, are just some of the advantages that our company ensures by choosing our countertops made entirely from HPL Solid Core or combined with integrated steel basins or only with the bottoms made of steel.

The precision in the execution of the designs of our partners allows us to work every kitchen and bathroom surface with tailored attention, making it unique.

Why should you choose one of our countertops?

Because we can guarantee the ease of cleaning, because they’re made with non-toxic materials made to stay in contact with food, because they have a fast production cycle and because they allow infinite possibilities for customization to interior designers and architects.

The bathroom and kitchen countertops made by AESSEGI are the modern answer to the desire to surround ourselves with unique environments, and to feel special and original, always.