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Laminate HPL
HPL Solid Core countertops for kitchens and bathrooms
Laminate HPL for Medical and Fitness

“Green” materials

When technology and innovation combine the concept of sustainability.

AESSEGI has always been attentive to the new possibilities of creating laminate surfaces using ecological materials and green production processes. Hence the partnership with the international brand PaperStone®, a synergy of which we are particularly proud of and which allows us to develop the ecological soul that distinguishes us from the beginning.


PaperStone® color range

Two souls, one philosophy

PaperStone® is the new generation ecological material for the production of furniture and furnishings and more generally for the design of interior architecture.
Its uniqueness comes essentially from its composition. PaperStone® is in fact the first composite material in the world produced with FSC® certified 100% recycled paper and cardboard.

In this way, superimposed layers of paper are obtained which are subsequently impregnated with a pigmented resin called PetroFree™ obtained mainly from the “compression” of the cashew nut shells and consequently not containing chemical compounds deriving from petroleum.

National Certified Network

The “National Certified Network” or NCN is the acronym that identifies companies specialized in the transformation and processing of raw materials. The Network is made of companies specialized in the transformation and processing of the raw material that is produced and supplied in sheets of various thicknesses in order to create products for the production of furniture and furnishings.
Getting in touch with these companies means benefiting of important requirements such as: high quality in the production of finished elements, punctuality in order management, and if required, the “10 Year PaperStone® Guarantee”.