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HPL Solid Core countertops for kitchens and bathrooms

Laminate HPL for Medical and Fitness

The use of HPL laminated panels in the health and medical industries is certainly growing. This is due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics that allow HPL laminates to be used for various applications in these areas.

Ideal as it easy to clean, HPL laminate is chosen in the hospital departments, clinics, laboratories, medical centres, dental studios to set up the areas dedicated to staff, but it’s also used inside patients’ rooms, where it often completes the furnishing elements, creating for example dedicated areas where food is served, as it’s easy to sanitize. Not only that, these versatile panels are used also to equip the stretchers that rescuers use daily to transfer patients during interventions.

Easily washable, perfectly resistant to steam, easy to adapt to different situations, the HPL laminate has all the requirements to be used successfully in the medical and healthcare field, keeping all its characteristics intact for its entire life cycle.

Some examples of applications in the medical field: stretchers, trays, bedside table holders, lockers, changing rooms, separators, doors…

HPL laminates for Fitness

HPL laminate has also conquered an important space in the Fitness industry and is regularly used to set up gyms, swimming pools, sports centres. It has countless applications: lockers, toilet doors, changing room doors, shower dividers, dining area fittings and many more. The choice to use HPL panels in this field is mainly linked to the “resistance” factor to wear, the ease of cleaning and the various possibilities of customization combined with the convenience of final assembly.